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Massage Therapy

Whether you’re dealing with an injury or chronic pain, seeking hands-on education about how your muscles move within your structure, or ready for an hour of relaxation, we have you covered. Therapists utilize various techniques for optimal results. Benefits of massage may include reduced stiffness and soreness in joints and connective tissues; improved circulation; alleviation of symptoms from musculoskeletal dis-ease/dis-order; increased range of motion.  Full body, client undresses to their level of comfort.

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Scalp & Foot Treatment

A great way to spend lunch or rush hour! This 30-minute treatment will make your afternoon or commute so much better.

Many of us carry tension in the neck and head. Massage of the scalp, ears, and base of the skull helps the entire head and neck to relax. Additional benefits may include improved sleep; reduced frequency and intensity of headaches; alleviation of TMJD symptoms; increased brain function.

Combining foot massage and reflexology with a scalp massage in one session completes the circuit of stress relief and relaxation. Reflexology targets reflex points that are thought to relate to specific organs and glands in the body.

Head and feet only, client remains fully clothed.

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Chair Massage

On-Site Massage

Reserve a massage therapist (or several) to provide massage therapy at your office, event, or party. Learn more!

Gift Certificates

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