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Heather Mourer

Heather Mourer

Community Herbalist & Holistic Nutrition Consultant

About Me

Heather Mourer is a community herbalist and holistic nutrition consultant who trained under herbalist jim mcdonald and holistic practitioner KP Khalsa. In addition to her formal training, Mourer has more than a decade of self-taught experience in using food as medicine. Mourer is the founder of Hedgewitch Holistics, which offers a modern and urban spin on the hedgewitch tradition. Through Hedgewitch Holistics, Mourer strives to help her community heal, prevent disease, maintain health and thrive through natural, holistic nutrition therapy. Mourer believes that – like good, quality food – everyone should have access to natural healing services, and she is willing to accommodate client needs so that they may receive the advice and guidance they seek.

When she’s not cooking up new recipes or potions, Mourer can be found supporting art and music in Detroit, working with groups that advocate for female empowerment, or dancing in her living room with her Chihuahua kids.